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karYn Glemaud along with her son, Mali Glemaud, are both Haitian-Americans born and raised in Boston, MA. Their lives have always encompassed a diversity of culture, art, music and education. As a single-mother for most of Mali's life, karYn always made it a point to highlight the possibilities of knowledge and adventure. Every year, the two would travel together to explore new places and have even gone as far as living in northern New Zealand and Paris, France for a period of time. 

It was during their precious time together, living across several organic farms in New Zealand, that this story was imagined. karYn crafted the words, while Mali helped to bring a breadth of the child’s perspective and spirit. Without knowing it, they were writing their own future into fruition. Nearly a year later, karYn would introduce Mali to her “new friend,” who would later become her loving husband. Today, they all live together as an extended and blended family of seven.

Mommy's New Friend
Mommy's New Friend

Mommy's New Friend

Navigating Your Child From Single-Parenting to a Blended Family

Mommy's New Friend portrays the challenging emotions of Maxx, a school-aged boy, whose bond with his single-mother is threatened by her recent relationship with a "new friend." In this heartwarming yet comedic story, the reader journeys with Maxx as he explores his changing family life, following his evolution from feeling defiant and fearful to feeling optimistic and hopeful.

Young Maxx deals with the raw feelings in this uniquely told story of the start of a modern blended family in real-life situations. Single-mothers will find a helpful and useful way to introduce their children to the possibility of having a new partner, while obtaining understanding and validation in their youngsters (more-than-likely) apprehensive feelings.

Maybe he can be your friend too!

Recommended for children between 5 -10 years old.


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#1 bestseller


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All love begins and ends there.”

Robert Browning,
English poet & playwright

Praise for the book

I appreciate this book as a single mom who worries about my daughter’s feelings when it comes to me dating. This book shows that it is ok for kids to have feelings that are uncomfortable at first, but with time, patience and genuineness from all parties, can learn to form a beautiful trusting and respectful relationship. I now feel a little more brave to move on.

~ Junie J.  

  Single-Mom & Social Worker

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