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karYn glemaud

Inspirational Woman, Family Advocate, Motivational Speaker & International Bestselling Author

karYn Glemaud is a proud Haitian-American, born and raised in Boston, MA. Her life has always encompassed a diversity of culture, art, music, and education. As a published author, advocate, and inspiration for single-mothers, karYn’s mission is to help families “blend” and to empower women to change the world one voice at a time.

“At the end of the day,

we can endure much more than

we think we can.”

Frida Kahlo,
20th-century Mexican painter 


As a single-mother for nearly a decade, karYn always made it a point to live out all the possibilities of knowledge and adventure, beyond the limitations. During these years of raising her son alone, she accomplished her Bachelor’s Degree while working full-time. Every year, she would take trips together with her son to explore new places and have even gone as far as living in northern New Zealand and Paris, France for a period of time. 

It was during their precious time together, living across several organic farms in New Zealand, that she co-wrote her first children’s book with her son, called Mommy’s New Friend. Without knowing it, they were writing their own future into fruition. Nearly a year later, karYn would introduce Mali to her "new friend," who has since become her loving husband. Today, karYn lives with her blended family of seven just outside the city of Boston.

karYn Glemaud
karYn Glemaud
karYn Glemaud

Motivational Speaker

karYn is an author, inspiring motivational speaker and advocate. 

As there are several topics with rich content that karYn shares with audiences through a mix of fresh ideas, humor and deep expertise, she merges energy and enthusiasm to empower and encourage your audience. 

If you are interested in learning more about how karYn would motivate and inspire your audience, please reach out to us today.

karYn Glemaud

As Seen On


Michael and Summer Mulder

Michael and Summer Mulder

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg,
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
of the United States of America
Mommy's New Friend

#1 bestselling Book

Mommy's New Friend

Navigating Your Child From Single-Parenting to a Blended Family

Mommy's New Friend portrays the challenging emotions of Maxx, a school-aged boy, whose bond with his single-mother is threatened by her recent relationship with a "new friend."

Kind Words

"Introducing a new romantic partner to a young child can be an anxiety provoking situation for both parent and child. In Mommy's New Friend, Karyn and Mali approach the sensitive topic with humor and compassion. They conveyed the importance of reassuring the child, while also setting healthy boundaries. Mommy's New Friend is not only a great way to approach the idea of introducing a new partner, but also a useful tool in teaching children about different types of families."


~Tacara Kirby, School Psychologist

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